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Jack Hall Memorial Gallery

Evolution Of The Piano

Highlights include:

Some examples of European designs including an Austrian-made grand with a viennese action

An intriguing 'cabinet upright' design by John Broadwood and Sons

Exquisite cabinet work on an 1890 Robert Cocks & Co. (London England), an 1896 Bell (Guelph) and others

Square grands by Heintzman (1857 and 1884)

A fully functional player piano by Sherlock-Manning
(Ask for a demo and choose from our huge collection of rolls!)

A 1955, Toronto built, Heintzman 'Transposer' piano
(Before there was a transpose button, there was this. A favourite!)


George Weber Room

Locally Made Pianos

Feature: A square grand by John C. Fox, built in 1866, on loan from a private owner

Display also includes instruments by Weber, McMillan and Wormwith


Second Floor


A huge selection of pump and electronic organs, including:

A Bell Suitcase Organ, made for portability

Other examples by Dominion Organ & Piano co. of Bowmanville, Bell of Guelph, a beautifully finished Karn from Woodstock and Thomas of Woodstock

Early electronic instruments by Thomas and Yamaha